About HR and Equity

Together, we can create a working environment that is fulfilling, empowering and successful.

We are your strategic and tactical HR solutions partner grounded in a commitment to diversity and equity. We work with leadership and HR professionals to improve and integrate HR administration to be the place that takes care of your people. We support the HR team to actualize your values of equity.


HR and Equity

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You value equity, diversity and inclusion.
You want to improve your current HR practices.
We can support you.

Training and Development

Risk Management and Compliance

HR Equity Assessment and Handbooks

Personal and professional growth in service to your values

Opportunities to improve your systems from a foundation of inclusion

Protect your staff and your company to better serve your clients


"RAYS is a mid-sized 30 person staff non profit serving a highly diverse community. We were looking for consultants in equity work who could assist us on a path of ongoing development and training, with a perspective of the agency as a whole system over time. We found those partners in HR and Equity Consulting. They bring a strong sense of the complexities of equity work with a diverse staff who are challenged every day with inequities with our service population. They are wise and insightful people, and I very much look forward to their leadership on this path."

Rich Brooks,  ED Renton Area Youth and Family Services

HR and Equity Consulting Firm

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