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Together we have over 30 years of experience to support, guide and enhance your work.

Keonna Jackson

HR and Equity Consultant and Coach

Keonna Jackson The Coach:

is committed to transforming lives by helping her clients uncover what blocks them from making their dreams a reality. She believes we are unlimited in our ability to accomplish our goals and she looks for opportunities to walk along side of you to see, point out and guide you towards those possibilities until you see them for yourself. She primary uses fitness to empower, inspire and motivate her clients to M.O.V.E into the body & life THEY desire!!

Keonna Jackson The HR Consultant:

is a multi-passionate Human Resources consultant for small to medium sized companies, with the unique skill of advocating for both the employer and employee. With over 15 years of human resources expertise, she is your strategic and tactical HR solutions business partner. She works with leadership to streamline HR administration, as well as provide solutions to ensure the mission, vision, and goals of the organization are met by applying fair and equitable practices.

Fleur Larsen

Facilitator focusing on team development and equity trainings

As a social justice and equity advocate:

Fleur strives to live in integrity with my values in all areas of her life. Her work is especially relevant to people in the 'helping professions' (e.g., teaching, medicine, non-profits). She focuses on how we can show up in authentic contribution and service by doing what is wanted and needed in this world through an equity and liberation lens. She supports her clients move from “charity burnout” to a powerful position of gratitude and contribution. Martyrdom undermines equity and the sustainability of our work.

Fleur started facilitating 18 years ago:

on challenge course programs with youth and adults. Currently, she works with several companies utilizing experiential facilitation with corporate and nonprofit groups. Fleur's style is based on sharp analysis, flexible thinking, fun, purpose and results. Her work is relationship-based with connection, collaboration, and community as integral elements to reach results.


"Keonna’s ability to connect with candidates has helped us find great matches for critical leadership positions.  She found people who resonate with our organization’s mission, vision and values and the role they will fill on our team. " 

Christina Arcidy

Deputy Director of Associated Recreation Council

"Fleur's facilitation is warm, inviting and inclusive. She also challenges the group to see situation differently and turn assumptions on their head. She has a sensitivity to group dynamics and a commitment to process that is really unique."

Kate Dean

Jefferson County Commissioner

5613 26th Ave NW

Seattle Wa 98107

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