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We create custom and unique consulting services for each client.

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Training and Development

If 'culture eats strategy for breakfast,' then investing in your company’s culture and people is essential.
From HR management, staff coaching to organization wide retreats our trainings focus on diversity and inclusion, team building, emotional intelligence, and community development.

Together we enhance your ability to take action and see results.

Equity Assessment and HR Handbook

We offer full service equity assessment and handbook review. Quickly learn what opportunities there are to seamlessly live your values of equity and diversity.

6 key areas to transform HR and increase equity:
Job posting
Hiring process
Performance Evaluation
Promotion and retention
Stay/Exit interview

Compliance and Risk Management

Human Resources is an ever-changing, complicated discipline riddled with challenges that impact employee productivity, HR compliance, and ultimately, the bottom line.

Let us take care of those details so you can focus on your mission.


"Our organization was looking for a thought partner to help us review our job descriptions, posting lists, and hiring and retention processes as we work towards creating diversity within our staff team. 


HR and Equity came in, met with us, gave some solid up front feedback and asked a lot of hard questions.  They then took all of our materials and sent us suggested revisions and ways to think about how we could improve our work within 24 hours.


This company is addressing an urgent and long overdue need that we can all use to become better at serving the community of Seattle.


Thank you Fleur &  Keonna!"


Tina Bechler, Program Director, Bike Works