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HR and Equity Toolkit

Employee Equity Arc: A toolkit

This webinar was hosted by Washington Nonprofits on April 6th 12-1pm.

A follow up facebook live will take place on May 25th 12-1pm.

Human Resource work has the potential to be a powerful arena for an organization to live its’ values. The core of HR is taking care of the humans who work hard to meet the mission and serve their clients. When this is in alignment with equity, transformation is possible. Everyone benefits when diversity and inclusion are at the center of HR. This workshop will review 6 key areas within HR to increase equity, live your organization’s values and better serve your community.

Employee Equity Arc

6 key points:

  • Job posting

  • Hiring

  • On-boarding

  • Performance evaluation

  • Retention

  • Stay/exit interview

Join us for this interactive webinar. Together we are smarter and stronger.