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Summer Equity Trainings and Resources

Leadership Skills

for Workplace Diversity

Thursday September 13th 8:30-4:30pm

2100 Building

2100 24th Avenue South Seattle, WA 98144

Registration $150-$200

Join us for this practical, hands on supervisory and leadership skills workshop grounded in anti-bias principles to enhance your coaching skills, and heighten your ability to supervise with an equity lens.

Participants will have the opportunity to identify their own biases and make connections to how those might be influencing their leadership style or supervising skills.

Learning objectives include:

  • Clearly stated values to drive leadership

  • Understanding of personal bias and blindspots

  • Skills and strategies for equitable management

  • Identify the link between valuing equity and HR to implement into policies and procedures

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Starbucks Racial Bias Training

Will the training they held for one day be useful and have an impact?

Find out more about the content here in the pdf of the training manual.

Organization Spotlight:

Columbia Land Trust is a white led and majority white staff organization working on equity.

Read about their equity commitments that start with an acknowledgment of how they can and should be doing better.

'Columbia Land Trust has historically viewed being a nature-serving organization as having a mission divorced from issues of equity and social justice. Today, we recognize that these issues are inextricably linked. We acknowledge that we have been slow to elevate equity as a core organizational value.'

Seattle Works

Executive Director Ben Reuler co-authored a piece for Brookings 'Cultivating the Next Generation of Nonprofit Leaders in Metro Areas' and mentioned our work!

Read more about it here.