Personal and professional growth in service to your values

Training and Development

We offer training in three areas: equity and emotional intelligence, team development and individual coaching. Investing in your people creates a win/win for everyone: you, your staff and your clients.

Our Services Include:


            Equity and Emotional Intelligence

                        Equity: We choose this word deliberately as the nuance of the definition is significant.         

                        A state, quality, or ideal of being fair and just.

Our equity trainings focus on clear analysis of systems of power and privilege, individual accountability and contribution and community wide impact strategies.

Emotional Intelligence supports the equity work since it is personal and individual. This work require each person to honestly self-reflect, increase self-awareness and be able to communicate insights.

We bring together equity and Emotional Intelligence to provide a transformative training with lasting impacts.

Lights in the Dark

           Team Development

                       Your office culture can make or break meeting your mission.

Our staff development trainings offer a chance for your people to connect, communicate and create cohesive community.

We offer:

  • Challenge ropes course both low and high off site 

  • On-site team development workshops

The Leap

             Individual Coaching

                          We want to support your people to succeed. Individual transformation                                  and growth take time, intention and expertise.

We offer coaching on a range of topics:

  • Personal Development 

  • Leadership

  • Conflict resolution

  • Empowered communication

  • Equity: awareness, allyship and accountability

Elephant Love